Crowned with Virtue Curriculum

The curriculum package includes a handbook that will teach you all the hows/whens/whys of running a club. This includes ideas for budgeting, organization, mentoring tips, sample schedules for either bi-weekly or weekly meetings, and much more.

Curriculum Contents The curriculum packet has been individually designed for the 2022-2023 school year. This packet includes:

– Printable full-color posters of The Eight Standards of Christathel, The Hero’s Creed, and Certificate of Achievement.

– The sheet music and audio accompaniment file for the Crowned with Virtue theme song, One Little Light.

– Book recommendations (usually several for each heroine), activity suggestions and web links, as well as ideas for field trips and hero visits.

– An Activity Resources document, which includes detailed activity ideas, printable games, book discussion ideas, and more.

– An opportunity for a one-on-one phone training with Lady M’Liss Stelzer to help you get started.

Your name and club information will be added to our database so we can refer possible new members to you.

Membership also allows access to our Club Facebook group where you can share ideas and resources with other Mastering Knighthood and Crowned With Virtue Club mentors.

How do I get started?